Extensive English Course

Speak English like a pro in 10 weeks!Classes are held at: Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110049, India



Payments are made no later than 5 days before the classes start.

30 lessons

3 times a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 19: 30-21: 30.

January 2020

The new course starts in January 2020. Hurry up to book your seat!

10 students

We work only with small groups so that each student learns the topics.

Boost Your English With Us!

The extensive course is specially tailored for those who are tired of years of studying without results. Our teachers know how to engage students in the learning activities and understand the tricks of the English language once and for all.


How Do We Solve Language Problems?

Only new approaches and extensive practice can help you deal with with the following issues:

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    Afraid of speaking?

    English-language environment at our courses will make you speak

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    Buzz in brain?

    We form English-language thinking, explaining grammar on real examples

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    Bad pronunciation?

    Our teachers will improve the way you speak and help you sound British.

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    Do not think in English?

    We don't leave you any choice. We speak and discuss all matters in English only.

Course Program

Week 1-2


We work on the pronunciation from the very beginning of the course and explain the basic rules for the use of articles and prepositions.


Week 3-4

Passive Voice & Gerund

There's nothing complicated about Passive Voice, plus it's sometimes much easier than usual way of putting the sentence together.


Week 5-6

Indirect Speech

When you want to say that somebody has said something, you use the indirect speech. It's used both in written and spoken English.


Week 9-10

Conditions & Final Test

We make one of the most complicated topics in English simple. On the 10th week, you past the final test and receive a certificate.

Who is This Course for?

If you are already familiar with basic English but want to quickly upgrade your skills, then we are waiting for you on our extensive course!



If you pay the full amount right away, you get a 25% discount.

Monthly Rate



The course lasts 2.5 months

20% discount on books2 individual lessonsAccess to the Friday speaking club

Full Course



The course lasts 2.5 months

30% discount on books3 individual lessonsAdditional audio-materials

Improve Your English SkillsWith Lingva School

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Our Teachers 

English Teacher
Native speaker

Patrick Pool

Patrick moved to Delhi from London and has a teacher diploma. A strict but fair teacher, he knows how to explain complex things simply and always gives homework.

English Teacher
Native speaker

Helen Smith

Helen will help you speak English, work on the pronunciation, and teach you how to build sentences in English at once without contemplating the phrases in Hindi first.

Why choose us?


You speak English like a pro in 10 weeks.


The lessons are conducted with multimedia gadgets.


All our teachers are native speakers.


3 lessons per week for 2 hours.

Free bonuses

Conversation clubs with native speakers, multimedia materials for study and entertainment.


After you complete the course, you pass the final exam and receive a certificate confirming your current level.  


Reviews from our former students

I've studied English for years, but still could not reach an acceptable level. I still had the same problems with the articles and the confusion in the times. I decided to try again and signed up for an extensive Lingua School course. After 10 weeks, I spoke reasonably well, and most importantly, I understood the difference between Present Perfect and Past Perfect!

October 28, 2018


Lili Fati

This is a pretty saturated course for those who are serious about learning a language. Classes are conducted perfectly, at each lesson, the teachers check the students' homework, so there is no way not to do the tasks. Perhaps, not everyone is ready to study 3 times a week for 2 hours, but based on my experience, I can say for sure that this is more effective than regular courses.

February 12, 2019


Suri Mhatma

I came to courses to improve pronunciation and grammar, but I got a lot more! I stopped being afraid to talk, learned to write correctly, and as a result of the course I got a new job related to the English language! I am sure that the Lingva School certificate played a great role. Many thanks to the school and to the teachers that bring the light of knowledge into the students' heads!

June 23, 2019


Ramil Javadi

If you need quickly and efficiently learn English, there is nothing better than these courses. They are very intense, so for 10 weeks you are completely immersed in the English language. Special thanks to our teachers for not only teaching us grammar and vocabulary, but also introducing us to British and American culture. As a bonus, all former students can continue to attend the speaking club!

September 28, 2019


Pati Lahtum


See how we study during the extensive course


Doing exercises 


Mastering tenses in English


Studying the right order of words in sentences


Attending the speaking club


Making presentations in English


Answering the teachers' questions


If you have questions, feel free to ask them by filling out the form on the website, by email or by phone.


Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110049, India


Monday - Saturday: 11 AM - 9 PMSunday: 11 AM - 7 PM

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